Tubeman is a guy in his mid-twenties wearing tubes on his arms that he found at Home Depot. He set out to test this weapon on random bystanders. He was killed by Carl Seymour Quigley in a fistfight.

General info Edit

Tier: 7-C: Average Human Level (Generic Grind Fodder Tier)

Age: Mid twenties

Classification: Responsible adult human

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 183 lbs

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

Tube whipping, can extend the lengths of his tubes

Stats Edit

Durability: Average Human Level

Movement Speed: Below Average Human Level

Reaction Speed: Average Human Level

Perception Speed: Same as above

Striking Force: Below average human level

Lifting Force: Same as above

Destuctive Force: Same as above

Range: Five meters

Weaknesses Edit

He is allergic to responsibility

Notable Attacks and Techniques Edit

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Miscallaneous Edit