Bork bork

Toby is my dog. He protects me from the monsters at night while I sleep. A pretty convenient pooch to have.

General info Edit

Tier: High Hyperverse Level

Age: a few months

Classification: Doglord

Height: 8 inches, 6 feet tall with armor

Weight: 3 lbs

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

Dog powers, Very good at barking, Can poop on the floor (can also poop outside too), very adept at chewing things, can run up stairs, can charm opponents into submission with his adorableness

Stats Edit

Durability: High Hyperverse Level

Movement Speed: Immeasurable

Reaction Speed: Immeasurable

Perception Speed: Immeasurable

Striking Force: High Hyperverse Level

Lifting Force: Irrelevant

Destructive Force: High Hyperverse Level

Range: High Hyperverse Range

Weaknesses Edit


Notable Attacks and Techniques Edit

Bork Bork -Toby Barks at the opponent, killing them.

Calculated Poop -Toby consciously poops on the opponent.

Backstory Edit

He is a dog god. That is how he has always been, and how he always will be. Nothing can change that.

Author's Comments Edit

But seriously, Toby is our new puppy we got recently. He's currently 2 months old as of now, in 4/6/2016. He's a Miniature American Eskimo, so he'll supposedly grow up to be only about 10-18 pounds. He still isn't quite big enough to protect me from the monster in my closet yet.