Durability, Striking Force, Lifting Force, and Destructive Force Edit

-Lower Dimensional Level - (Those who are lower dimensional, and thus infinitely inferior to any form of 3-dimensional beings)

-Sub Human Level - (Anything that is generally inferior to humans, but still superior to lower-dimensional beings. Can range from small microscopic organisms to most monkeys, but can also include some children or physically impaired humans.)

-Human Level - Self explanatory.

-Street Level - (Peak Human Level. Most action movie heroes, few real life martial artists, some apes, anybody wielding a basic viable weapon such as a gun or a sword)

-Wall Level - (Those who can destroy/lift a wall, significantly damage those who have wall-level durability, or take wall-level attacks)

-House Level - (Those who can destroy/lift a house, significantly damage those who have house-level durability, or take house-level attacks)

-Building Level - (Those who can destroy/lift a Building, significantly damage those who have Building-level durability, or take Building-level attacks)

-City Block Level - (You get the idea.)

-Town Level

-City Level

-Mountain Level

-Country Level

-Continent Level

-Moon Level

-Planet Level

-Star Level

-Solar System Level

-Galaxy Level

-Supercluster Level

-Supercluster Complex Level

-Observable Universe Level - (Those capable of destroying all matter within a universe (but not the universe itself), or can take such attacks, or significantly damage beings who have such level of durability)

-Universe Level - (3-dimensional beings with infinite power)

-Multiverse Level - (Beings who can exist outside of the totality of a universe, infinitely superior to such beings)

-Metaverse Level - (Beings who can exist outside of the totality of a Multiverse, infinitely superior to multiversal beings)

-Xenoverse Level - (Beings who can exist outside of the totality of a Metaverse, infinitely superior to metaversal beings)

-Hyperverse Level - (Entities who are infinitely superior Xenoverse level beings and exist outside of a xenoverse, High hyperverse level entities are beyond scientific notation and transcend all dimensions as well as reality itself)

-Omniverse - (Those who are comparable to God himself. Beyond existence, nonexistence, life and death, dualism and non-dualism, boundlessly superior to anything that exists, boundlessly above being damaged, can control all of existence)

Notes Edit

Every level (Except for Omniverse) has a high end and a low end. Some examples are:

Small/Dwarf/Large/Multi Planet Level

High/Low Multiverse Level

Above/Below Average Human Level

negative/0/1/2-dimensional (lower dimensional)

One cannot damage an entity who exceeds them in dimensional space unless they possess a certain degree of reality warping; a 2-dimensional being cannot perceive, let alone influence a 3-dimensional structure.

Speed Edit

Here is a tier list for different speeds. Directly copied and pasted from the VS Battles Wiki, with a little bit of revision and improvising.


Normal Human

Peak Human


Subsonic (Faster than Eye) (Mach 0.1-0.5) (34.3-171.5 m/s or 76.7-383.6 mph)

Subsonic+ (Mach 0.5-0.9) (171.5-308.7 m/s)

Transonic (Mach 0.9-1.1) (308.7-377.3 m/s)

Supersonic (Mach 1.1-2.5)

Supersonic+ (Mach 2.5-5)

Hypersonic (Mach 5-10)

Hypersonic+ (Mach 10-25)

High Hypersonic (Mach 25-50)

High Hypersonic+ (Mach 50-100)

Massively Hypersonic (Mach 100-1000)

Massively Hypersonic+ (Mach 1000-8810.2)

Sub-Relativistic (1%-5% SoL)

Sub-Relativistic+ (5%-10% SoL)

Relativistic (10%-50% SoL)

Relativistic+ (50%-100% SoL)

Speed of Light

FTL (x1-10 Speed of Light)

FTL+ (x10-100 Speed of Light)

Massively FTL (x100-1000 Speed of Light)

Massively FTL+ (x1000+ Speed of Light)

Infinite Speed (Able to move while time literally stands still, or to travel anywhere instantly. Teleportation does not count.)

Immeasurable (Higher-dimensional entities beyond linear time and 3-D distance, and its' concepts of speed. However, take note that higher order dimensional nature does not automatically guarantee this. The speed statistic should be listed as "Immeasurable" only if a character is completely transcendental to the distance, time, and causality of a normal universal continuum.)

Irrelevant (Characters beyond the concepts of dimensions themselves, including time. Meaning: High Hyperverse Level and above.)

Variable tier:

Omnipresent (The ability to be everywhere at once, at least within a specific type of space-time continuum. Being omnipresent in a 3-dimensional space-time continuum doesn't necessarily grant an advantage against a 4-dimensional being, or a being who can destroy universes.)