ThioJoe is a master of deception and gambling. His most unique feature is his signature ability known as Expostock, which gradually increases his stats in small increments with every hit he lands on an opponent.

General info Edit

Tier: Sub-Human Level to Galaxy Level

Age: 24

Classification: Human

Height: Whatever he wants it to be

Weight: 180 lbs

In Combat: Edit

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Stats Edit

Durability: Sub-Human at Level 1, Multi Solar System at Level 100

Movement Speed: Subsonic at level 1, MFTL at Level 99, MFTL+ at Level 100

Reaction Speed: Same as above

Perception Speed: Same as above

Striking Force: Sub-Human 1, Multi Solar System at Level 99, Multi Galaxy at 100

Lifting Force: Same as above

Destuctive Force: Same as above

Range: Several meters at Level 1, Multi Solar System at 99, Multi Galaxy Range at Level 100

Weaknesses Edit

When his level reaches 100, he only gets to use one more final move before his stats reset back to level 1.

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