Squirrel Battalion stabbing one of its many victims.

The Squirrel Battalion is a group of squirrels that are always faithful to their lord and savior, MCHam. They are very skilled in swordsmanship and Mushu (because Kung-fu is too mainstream). They are responsible for millions of deaths across the Multiverse.

General info  Edit

Tier: Skyscraper Level

Age: 6-24 months

Classification: A large group of angry squirrels

Height: 6-9 inches

Weight: 127 kilograms

In Combat Edit

Abilities Edit

Can stab through small pieces of paper and petrify people with their cuteness. When in a group, their stats increase

Stats Edit

Durability: Sub-Human | Peak Human

Movement Speed: Peak Human | Mach 50

Reaction Speed: 100mph | Mach 50

Perception Speed: Mach 50 | Mach 50

Striking Force: Peak Human Level | Building Level

Lifting Force: Sub-Human | Building Level

Destructive Force: Peak Human Level | Skyscraper Level

Range: 37 centimeters | A few meters

Key: Singular | As a whole group

Weaknesses Edit

Any kind of food or loud noises

Notable Attacks and Techniques Edit

The swarm: when they take things down by repeatedly scratching them till they disintegrate

The shock wave: When they all touch each other at the same exact time they can destroy whole buildings with static electricity.

Cute hammer: They're just so darn cute they kill you.

Backstory  Edit

These squirre

Miscallaneous Edit Edit

There are 33,000 of them in McHam's afro