Founder of bread land 2
Founder of bread land

He's so fantastic that we had to include two pictures of him.

The Founder of Bread Land, also known as Briggumsworth Oatzinpoodle Twiddlydum (Or BOT), is the war veteran who is known for erecting the not-so-revered city of Bread Land with his own crumb-glazed meathooks. He teamed up with his fellow war veterans Fickbrussel Utterstatch Grumplesnoot (FUG) and Frigglywag Alloburto Thinpickle (FAT) to save the world from a deviation that he spawned in his early life.

General info Edit

Tier: Small Town Level | Planet Level

Age: 67

Classification: TF2 Spy, Veteran, Human

Height: 6 feet 11 inches

Weight: 97 lbs

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

He can create and manipulate bread to varying degrees of efficiency. All of his attacks are based on this ability.

He can regenerate wounds and power up from bread consumption, regardless of if it's his own bread or not. Consuming bread for 12 hours straight temporarily brings him up to planet level.

Stats Edit

Durability: Small Town Level | Planet Level

Movement Speed: Peak Human | Hypersonic+

Reaction Speed: Peak Human | Massively Hypersonic+

Perception Speed: High Hypersonic | Massively FTL+

Striking Force: House Level | Moon Level

Lifting Force: Peak Human Level | Moon Level

Destructive Force: Small Town Level | Planet Level

Range: City Range | Planetary

Key: Base | After 12 days of nonstop bread consumption

Weaknesses Edit

He becomes weakened to the point where he resembles a physically impaired human being when exposed to coconuts, and is left temporarily unable to use his bread powers as long as the exposure presides.

Notable Attacks and Techniques Edit

Backstory Edit

When BOT was a kid, he was unknowingly sat on by his mom. Being suffocated by his mother's nigh-toxic flatulence is comparable to that of being dunked into the type of nuclear waste that seems to be a common source of most superheroes' powers, hence why BOT gained bread powers.

When he was his fifteen, he was in the middle of his mad scientist phase, and created a sentient cow prop that promptly fled from the safety of his house, never to return until decades after BOT's PTSD-inducing life in the military. Once said prop finally did return, it had somehow gained the power to destroy planets, and BOT's home planet was next in line for bloodshed, so he teamed up with FUG and FAT to defeat it.

Their first attempt at bringing their opponent down was with their own collaboration project, a robot known as The FAT FUGBOT (Or The FFB). The three veterans, along with The FFB, confronted the bovine bolster in person. Their initial plan was to sic the robot on the cow, but the robot malfunctioned and killed it on accident.

Author's Comments Edit

Credit goes to Youtuber Eltorro64rus.