Fattest man in history of fattest mens

The Fattest Man in History of Fattest Mens, also known as Frigglywag Alloburto Thinpickle or FAT, claims to be the fattest man in the world. He is the mother of Fickbrussel Utterstatch Grumplesnoot.

General infoEdit

Tier: Small City Level | Planet Level

Age: 87

Classification: TF2 Heavy, Veteran, Human

Height: 10 feet 2 inches

Weight: 900 lbs

In Combat:Edit


Nuclear Farts.


Durability: Small City Level | Planet Level

Speed: Transonic+ | Sub Relativistic +

Striking Force: Small City Level | Planet Level

Lifting Force: Small City Level | Planet Level

Destructive Force: Small City Level | Planet Level

Range: Small City Range | Planetary



Notable Attacks and TechniquesEdit



FAT was born a mighty soldier with a will of steel. But the emotional burn caused by traumatic war events accumulates, and even the steeliest of wills cannot hold out forever. FAT was no exception; just like his fellow veterans FUG and BOT, (The former of the two being his son) he too suffers from a severe case of PTSD, and adopted a goofy and lighthearted personality and a job at the Bread Land bakery in order to take his mind away from his tragic past. He ultimately saved the planet alongside the aforementioned veterans from a returning menace that BOT had created as a child. 

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