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Tame Paco is the younger brother of Wild Paco, who was raised alongside him by Joash the Revered. He is the founder of the company Tameco.

General info Edit

Tier: City Level

Age: 35

Classification: Paco

Height: 5 feet 6 centimeters

Weight: 12 pounds 

In Combat Edit

Abilities Edit

His propeller hat is hooked up with various gadgets that allow him to utilize various abilities, including Time/Space control, Electricity manipulation, Flamethrowers, Missiles, and nukes.

Stats Edit

Durability: Street Level

Movement Speed: Mach 1000

Reaction Speed: Peak Human

Perception Speed: Peak Human

Striking Force: Building Level

Lifting Force: Peak Human

Destructive Force: City Level

Range: Planetary

Weaknesses Edit

Cannot do crap without propeller hat.

Ever since he rose to billionaire status, he forgot how to use his knee-combat skills

Notable Attacks and Techniques Edit


Backstory Edit

Tame Paco was raised by Joash the Revered alongside Wild Paco. Tame Paco was able to fully adapt to Joash's lifestyle and lived his entire life under Joash's roof. He was able to mature and master Joash's fighting style, as opposed to Wild Paco, who only had one lesson and ran away from home after three months.

Tame Paco ultimately ended up going to BYU and graduating with an associate's degree, majoring in physics and marine biology. His career made his budget skyrocket, making him a world-renowned billionaire who worked hard to solve the world's problems. His mansion had high-tech security systems, maids, highly trained body guards, multiple master bedrooms, and a large flat screen TV in the living room. He founded the company Tameco, also known as "The Company That Does Lots of Stuff".