Santa Claus wields an axe with paranormal properties. Even the tiniest papercut from his axe will force 3-dimensional victims to shrink in dimensional space until they struggle to retain their existence in a three-dimensional universe.

General info

Tier: N/A

Age: 25

Classification: Cosplayer

Height: 7 feet 2 inches

Weight: 120 lbs

In Combat: Edit

Abilities His axe turns opponents into lower dimensional beings.

Stats Edit

Durability: Building Level

Speed: Peak Human

Striking Force: Average Human Level

Lifting Force: Peak Human Level

Destructive Force: City Block Level

Range: Melee Extended

Weaknesses Edit

His axe, despite its ability to bend reality in the way that it does, is non-lethal, and is cursed to be physically incapable of killing an opponent or sealing the deal in any way. Thus, Santa must resort to weakening them into lower-dimensional beings before kicking them to death. 

Notable Attacks and Techniques Edit

Backstory Edit

His mere existence is a paradox, and he has no true point of origin. He is simply an anonymous cosplayer who was inserted into reality by a bored deity looking to play pranks. By that same deity, he was given an axe with supernatural properties that allow it to force victims to descend in dimensional space while preventing it from killing. He is often seen at conventions, mowing through crowds of people with this axe, leaving behind a mass of lesser beings who struggle to retain their mere existence on the 3-dimensional space-time continuum.

Author's Comments Edit