Raddick Buan

Raddick Buan is a rabbit duck. The ears on the back of its head form the beak of a duck, making it difficult for our scientists to classify it as one or the other, so we combined the two names and got Raddick Buan. It seems to have the ability to fly and swim like a duck, as well as a rabbit's keen sense of smell and ability to jump. Raddick loves fish-flavored carrots.

General info Edit

Tier: Low Universe Level

Age: Varies, but is biologically immortal and will not die by aging

Classification: Rabbit Duck

Height: Two Feet~

Weight: 2 pounds

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

Superhuman Jumping, Flight, Teeth can cut through dimensions and the fabric of reality

Stats Edit

Durability: Peak Human

Movement Speed: Peak Human

Reaction Speed: Supersonic

Perception Speed: Supersonic

Striking Force: Low Universe Level

Lifting Force: Sub-human

Destructive Force: Low Universe Level

Range: Melee

Weaknesses Edit

Doesn't have very much stamina, cannot run for extensive periods of time

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