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Obscure Pepe is a very rare Pepe, but not in the way that suggests that he has a high status among the rest of the Pepes, but in the way that nobody bothers to bat an eye to him. Nobody cares about him, and he doesn't care about anybody. He prefers it no other way.

He puts on a special glove that, as long as he's wearing it, forces him to temporarily descend to that of a 2-Dimensional being. He does this so people will ignore his existence, allowing him to retain his status as a lowlife. He hates company and enjoys beings alone.

General info Edit

Tier: High 2-Dimensional | Large Building Level

Age: 700+

Classification: Pepe

Height: 9 inches

Weight: 0 weight whatsoever with glove on, 7 pounds if the glove is off

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

His glove has the ability to force him to become an irrelevant 2-Dimensional being and disguise himself as a two-year old's drawing. But when the situation truly calls for it, he can activate the glove's true powers, allowing him to plow through buildings, as well as run and combat transonic speeds. The glove has no name, other than "The Glove".

Equipment Edit

"The Glove"

Stats Edit

Durability: 2-D | Small Building Level

Speed: 2-D | Low Transonic

Striking Force: 2-D | Large Wall Level

Lifting Force: 2-D | Peak Human Level

Destructive Force: 2-D | Large Building Level

Range: Melee

Weaknesses Edit


Notable Attacks and Techniques Edit

Get out of my house

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