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Mr. Fisto lived in a log cabin in the middle of an anonymous mountain summit until he lost his wife, kids, and lower body to a T-rex attack. After this, he used his life savings to buy a robotic lower body, and started seventeen years of intense training in summits around the world in order to be able to defend himself from future T-rex attacks. His efforts to become feared by dinosaurs worldwide were ultimately successful; no T-rex has ever entered a 3-mile radius of him and lived since. After single-handedly causing the extinction of the dinosaurs, Mr. Fisto founded the Mountainbusters Dojo. After two long years of successfully running the dojo, he was killed on accident by Wild Paco during a sparring match. To this day, Mr. Fisto's ghost still haunts the dojo in order to teach aspiring artists his universe-famous martial arts.

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Tier: Mountain Level

Age: 93

Classification: Martial Artist, Man, Human

Height: 4 feet, 3 inches

Weight: 75 lbs

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Durability: Mountain Level

Speed: Superhuman

Striking Force: Mountain Level

Lifting Force: Mountain Level

Destructive Force: Mountain Level

Range: Melee

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