This wiki is entirely dedicated to making original characters. There are currently two people working on this project. We're looking for some weird minds to assist us in making more characters. If you want to get started on making characters, we prefer you follow this template and this tier list for reference, but feel free to make stuff up and improvise in places where you see fit.

Practically every creative thought that crosses our minds is personified and expanded upon. Many characters are based off of memes, weird images we found on google search, original incarnations of already existing fictional characters, and more. Sometime down the road, we may even comprise a main storyline that connects to every character one way or another, but that is unlikely.

I originally started this project with inspiration from the VS Battles Wiki. It's fun to admire the countless pages of fictional characters, and how there is so much variety in the omniverse of fiction. I loved the concepts of alternate realities and higher dimensional beings. Ultimately I decided to make this wiki to let everyone know, "Hey! I can make weird and overpowered characters, too!"

I also took a lot of inspiration from the SCP Foundation, a community website dedicated to making fake documentations and records about supernatural beings. Very bizarre site that is rather entertaining to binge-read.