General info Edit Edit

Tier: MCHam Level

McHam during his black guy phase

Age: 21

Classification: The Power of millions trapped within an afro

Height: 7:3

Weight: 185

In Combat:  Edit

Abilities Edit

Can redirect absorb and amplify power with his afro. Can extend afro to any length, size, or shape. Can take the power out of anything and store it in his afro.

Stats Edit

Durability: Indestructable 

Movement Speed: 8,000 times the speed of time

Reaction Speed: 45,000 times faster than the speed of light

Perception Speed: Can see into the future so it's supa fast!

Striking Force: No one has lived to tell the tale

Lifting Force: Lifting force, well let just say there's nothing he can't lift 

Destructive Force: You ever heard of the Platinum verse? Yeah I thought so.

Range: As far as he wants 

Weaknesses  Edit

Allergic to soy

Notable Attacks and Techniques 

He owns several battalions of squirrels that live in his afro and attack anything he wants them to.

Backstory Edit

He used to be black... Nuff said. 

Miscallaneous Edit