Matthew the Bro

Manglin' Mangler is a member of the Shame Squad. He is the smartest member on the team, and always acts as the brains behind the squad's operations. He has a very keen sense of smell; it's so effective that he can smell through reality and dimensions, giving him a 4-dimensional sense of smell. Most of his victories were handed to him out of pity after his opponents would witness his really dumb face, making his atrocious visage his greatest weapon.

General info Edit

Tier: Large Moon Level

Age: 15

Classification: Dude, Bro, Man, Human

Height: 70 cm

Weight: 30 kg

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

Keen sense of smell that can accomplish the impossible; can smell through time and space, dimensions, reality, and probability. This allows him to perceive and react to higher dimensional beings that normal humans wouldn't normally be able to comprehend. He can also manipulate the stupidity of his atrocious visage to the extent that it breaks and warps reality. This reality warping ability is only to the extent that he can affect entire moons.

Stats Edit

Durability: Large Moon Level

Movement Speed: Massively FTL +

Reaction Speed: Immeasurable

Perception Speed: Immeasurable (Can smell through reality and dimensions)

Striking Force: Large Moon Level

Lifting Force: Small Moon Level

Destructive Force: Multi Moon Level

Range: Solar System Range

Weaknesses Edit

While he does possess the ability to perceive higher dimensional beings beyond the comprehension capacity of your typical human, he is still a 3-dimensional being with three dimensional properties, so he still does not get a significant upper hand in a fight with a higher-dimensional being.

In short, he possesses 4-dimensional senses, but 3-dimensional physical attributes.

Notable Attacks and Techniques Edit

BRO - The Mangler rewrites reality with his face while shouting "BRO".

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