Lord Dezzimus

Lord Dezzimus is a guy in his mid twenties who thinks he's the chosen one, destined to bring color to the galaxy. Because of this, he bares many colors. His Pac-man shield is a circle he cut out of a pizza box that he drew all over in marker.

General info Edit

Tier: Town Level

Age: 25~

Classification: "Hero Of Many Colors",

Height: 6 feet 12 inches

Weight: 100 lbs

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

Stats Edit

Durability: Average Human Level

Movement Speed: High Hypersonic

Reaction Speed: Massively Hypersonic

Perception Speed: Same as above

Striking Force: Town Level

Lifting Force: Below Average Human Level

Destructive Force: Town Level

Range: Melee extended

Weaknesses Edit

-He is colorblind

Notable Attacks and Techniques Edit

RED-COLORED FIST ATTACK -Dez punches the opponent.

GREEN-COLORED HEAD ATTACK -Dez headbutts the opponent.

BLUE-COLORED MACE ATTACK -Dez flails around recklessly with his mace.

YELLOW-COLORED FULL BODY ATTACK -Dez tackles the opponent.

ORANGE-COLORED KNEE -Dez does his best impression of Wild Paco and knees the opponent in the stomach.

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Miscallaneous Edit