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Kenny is the main character. Countless entities across the omniverse have witnessed him, and his antics have made a name for himself. That name is OGNoChill. Nobody knows his real name, though. He is extremely adept at warping reality to whatever he wants, and uses it in many practical ways that allow him to squeeze the most enjoyment out of every fight.

Kenny is a huge fan of the likes of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Touhou, EarthBound, Undertale, Nintendo, and Homestuck. Thus, most of his signature moves range from subtle to direct references to those franchises, while others are completely original.

General info Edit

Tier: Kenny's ability to warp reality goes to the extent that he can place limits on his own power to make fights more interesting for him. As a result, he can be placed virtually anywhere on the tier list that isn't Omniverse Level.

Age: 15

Classification: Human

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight: 135 lbs

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

Reality Warping

Kenny Possesses the ability to bend and warp reality to his liking, giving him the ability to do anything he wants. He is most commonly seen using this ability to traverse dimensions, bend probability, manipulate space and time to his will, teleport, mess with his opponents senses, and much more.

Stats Edit

Durability: Anywhere from Street Level to High/Multi Chronoverse Level

Movement Speed: Anywhere from Sub-Human to Irrelevant/Nigh-boundless Omnipresence

Reaction Speed: Anywhere from Sub-Human to Irrelevant

Perception Speed: Anywhere from Sub-Human to Irrelevant

Striking Force: Anywhere from Street Level to High/Multi Chronoverse Level

Lifting Force: Same as above

Destuctive Force: Same as Above

Range: Anywhere from melee to High/Multi Chronoversal

Weaknesses Edit

-refuses to take fighting seriously, often leading him to intentionally make pointless maneuvers in the heat of battle

-Often completely ignores the story's objectives so he can focus on adventuring

Notable Attacks and Techniques Edit

ARAKI, LEND ME YOUR POWER!!!! -Kenny delivers a long-lasting flurry of powerful punches while screaming japanese gibberish.

PSI Starstorm Omega -Kenny strikes a confident pose and summons an overwhelming shower of stars to rain down from the heavens and onto his opponent.

BANG! -Kenny points two fingers forward and fires out a laser that varies in power.

ROAD-ROLLER DA!!! -Kenny drops down on his opponent with a massive yellow steamroller, and then punches it until it explodes, all while laughing and screaming maniacally.

Laziness is Key -Kenny reverses reality in a specific way that reverses the concept of effort. When in this state, Kenny deals maximum damage with minimal effort, and vice versa.

Love-Colored Master Spark -Kenny's eyes suddenly start to rapidly oscillate in color, and then unleash a massive long-lasting rainbow laser. While the laser is being fired, Kenny can bend light to his whim, allowing him to create illusions to mess with the opponent's senses.

Hell's Finger -Kenny performs a simple flick with his finger.

DR. COCONUT!! I CHOOSE YOU!!! -Kenny whips out a coconut and throws it at the opponent's face.

Backstory Edit

Author's Comments Edit

He's based off of one of my old Twitter personas. He is a self-insertion of myself into the story, and as such, I plan for him to have some kind of relation to "The Author" within the story. I plan for him to have some hilarious moments and some awesome moments. Mostly the former.