It's all natural.

Joash was the adoptive father of Wild Paco and Tame Paco. He grew up fighting bears, hence why he is so ripped. His hobbies include weightlifting, sports, and the aforementioned bear-fighting. He acts tough, but on the inside he's very sensitive and cares deeply for the adopted Paco brothers.

General info Edit

Tier: Multi Mountain Level

Age: 89

Classification: Human, Bear fighter

Height: 7 feet

Weight: 230 lbs

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

Knee Combat

Stats Edit

Durability: Multi Mountain Level

Movement Speed: Sub-Human

Reaction Speed: mach 127

Perception Speed: Same as above

Striking Force: Multi Mountain Level

Lifting Force: Same as above

Destuctive Force: Multi Mountain Level

Range: Melee

Weaknesses Edit

Poorly developed

Notable Attacks and Techniques Edit

REVERED KNEE - Joash attacks with his knee. It's his only attack. It's predictable, but it's effective.

Backstory Edit

Joash was a young child who had very strong knees. He grew up a strong and healthy vegetarian. Life was always simple. He developed a fascination with bears and martial arts; he even came up with his own form of martial arts that involves using his powerful knees to repeatedly bash opponents. He kept this style close to him while growing up, and would attempt to teach this style to Wild Paco and Tame Paco in order to help them protect themselves from bears.

Wild Paco was able to successfully complete one whole lesson with Joash's fighting style before succumbing to the challenge of bear fighting and running away, while Tame Paco was able to master the art and grow up successful. After successfully raising Tame Paco, Joash retired happily for the remainder of his life.

Miscallaneous Edit