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Jimmy Coleman chokes his chicken all day in his free time, and during his work time when he should be doing his homework. When he's not obsessively retching his hen, his finger is in his nose, and anybody who tries to interrupt his obligitory poultry obstructing sessions gets boogers on their face.

General info Edit

Tier: Country Level

Age: 92

Classification: Super hooman

Height: 12 feet 3 inches

Weight: 574 lbs

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

Booger flicking powers, Chicken summoning, Can fire flames out of a chicken while choking it

Equipment Edit

Crusty boogers, Flame boogers, Ice boogers, Chickens, and dentures

Stats Edit

Durability: Country Level

Speed: Transonic+

Striking Force: Building Level

Lifting Force: Building Level

Destructive Force: Building Level

Range: Several Meters

Weaknesses Edit

He is obsessed with his compulsive chicken choking and booger flicking, and is often distracted from combat.

Notable Attacks and Techniques Edit

Backstory Edit

This dude used to be a chicken who was into BDSM. He liked to choke himself. Now he is a human who likes to choke chickens because he's generous and thinks it will bring them the same pleasure.

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