Gluteus Maximus McNuggies

He's purple and he has a big butt. Gluteus Maximus eats countless hamburgers. His throat leads straight to the air pockets in his buttcheeks, allowing him to inflate his buttcheeks with hamburgers. Once the buttcheeks reach multi-planetary size, they burst and destroy surrounding planets in a massive burgery explosion, regenerating afterwards. Gluteus Maximus can go through this whole process in less than a minute.

General info Edit

Tier: Multi-Planetary Level

Age: 3

Classification: Former McDonald's Mascot

Height: 10 feet, 11 inches

Weight: Immeasurable (we don't have the patience to measure it)

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

Buttcheek inflation via hamburger consumption, buttcheeks eventually burst and destroy surrounding planets via hamburger explosion, buttcheeks can also regenerate afterward, he can create hamburgers infinitely

Stats Edit

Durability: Multi-Planetary

Movement Speed: 5x speed of light

Reaction Speed: 15x speed of light

Perception Speed: 15x speed of light

Striking Force: Sub-Human

Lifting Force: Multi-Planetary

Destuctive Force: Multi-Planetary

Range: Multi-Planetary

Weaknesses Edit

He dies if he tries to eat anything other than hamburgers.

Notable Attacks and Techniques Edit

Craving The McNuggies -Gluteus Maximus goes through the entire process shown above, which destroys multiple planets at once.

Backstory Edit

Ever since Ronald McDonald was fired from being the mascot of McDonald's and replaces with happy, his friends no longer became relevant, including poor Grimace. Grimace turned to a life of crime and burger-munching. He now goes by his new legally-changed name, Gluteus Maximus, because it sounds funny.

Miscallaneous Edit