Expostock is an ability that increases the user's stats in small increments every time he/she lands on an opponent, similar to how an RPG character levels up when killing monsters. After every hit he lands, their "Level" increases, and every time their level goes up, they has the chance of gaining a new ability that is chosen randomly (e.g. learning elemental manipulation at level 17). Once the level goes beyond 100, it resets, along with all increased stats and obtained abilities ThioJoe gained through this process.

Users can only possess four different abilities at once. If the user gains an ability while already possessing four, a random ability will be taken away in order to make more space.

At level 1, attacks are barely enough to move a pebble. Meanwhile, at level 99, the user is Multi-Solar System level, while at level 100, they are Multi-Galaxy Level. The sudden spike in power is to allow the user to unleash a final devastating attack before reset.

This ability also provides users with the inability to legitimately die unless the opponent possesses a certain degree of reality warping. If he/she is killed in combat, they are revived hours later and placed in the nearest hospital with their level reset to 1.

List of abilities that can possibly be gained at low to mid levels (1-75) Edit

Fire manipulation

Earth Manipulation

Energy Manipulation

Wind Manipulation

Thunder Manipulation

Water Manipulation

Metal Manipulation

Wood Manipulation

Body manipulation

Ice manipulation


Temporary Stat Boosting

Temporary Flight


Attack Redirection


Light Magic

Dark Magic

Matter/Object creation

Temporary Intangibility


Mind Control

Seasonal Manipulation

Weather Manipulation

Durability Bypassing

List of abilities that can be possibly gained at high levels (76-100) Edit

Reality Warping

Matter Manipulation

Border/Boundary Manipulation


Probability Manipulation

Black Hole Creation

Timeline Manipulation

Space/Time Manipulation

Causality Manipulation

Vector Manipulation

Conceptual Manipulation

Dimensional Manipulation