Mad duck by brotoad-d3ahpjj

This is the original duck. It is the reason the peculiar species of bird exists today. It is Mad Duck Daniel from an alternate universe after various science experiments were performed on him. It no longer has a definitive gender, and reproduces asexually.

General info Edit

Tier: Hyperverse Level

Age: Unknown, the species has outlasted countless universes

Classification: Duck

Height: 1 foot 7 inches

Weight: 12 pounds

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

Reality Warping

Stats Edit

Durability: Hyperverse Level

Movement Speed: Immeasurable, beyond scientific notation

Reaction Speed: Same as above

Perception Speed: Same as above

Striking Force: Hyperverse Level

Lifting Force: Same as above

Destuctive Force: Same as above

Range: Same as above

Weaknesses Edit


Notable Attacks and Techniques Edit

Backstory Edit

Mad Duck Daniel's bloodline had been fighting the immortal Dr. Tipps for centuries, until Dr. Tipps became powerful enough to enslave them all and use them for his bidding. To demonstrate what would happen to Daniel's kin if they disobeyed, Tipps tortured Glad Duck Daniel, an alternate universe counterpart for Daniel, by injecting him with various needles. As a result, Glad Duck Daniel was mutated into what Tipps perceived as a new species of bird, which he named "Duck" as a mockery to the Mad Duck Bloodline. To take it one step further, he cloned the new bird until it populated the multiverse so that an entire invasive species of bird would bare the Mad Duck name with ridicule for eons to come. This plan backfired, however, as the new species, "Duck" was made immeasurably more powerful than Tipps had intended , and he was obliterated by them promptly, freeing the Mad Ducks from their semi-divine captivity.

Glad Duck Daniel's new species had no definitive gender and reproduced asexually, so he was no longer a "he", but an "it". Glad Duck had no memory of his former life or how his new kin came to be.

After the deaths of countless universes passed, there then came a universe that would bare Earth, which the ducks saw as a new environment suitable to them. To protect humanity's innocence, they would cover up their history, their unfathomable abilities, their intelligence, and their dignity and act like regular semi-aquatic birds until the end of time. Us humans are convinced that the Duck species are some simple-minded race of bread-obsessed birds, when they're really universally omniscient higher dimensional deities who protect the universe.

Miscallaneous Edit