Like his name implies, Donut Muncher munches Donuts. He eats more food in a day than the entire Republic of Congo does across several decades. Whenever the obnoxious orifice on the front of his head is not being stockpiled with junk food, it has been shown to make words, and sometimes even string whole sentences together on purpose. Sometimes coherent sentences miraculously abscond from the boisterous rims of his massive facial crater in particularly rare circumstances, but they're often hopelessly vacant of all semantics, and short-term exposure to his voice has had a history of giving countless innocent bystanders immeasurably fatal instances of brain cancer. He is one of the members of The Gay Nazi Starlords and he loves his friends and home country.

General info Edit

Tier: Supercluster Complex Level

Age: 47

Classification: Fat guy, American, Somewhat human

Height: 5 feet, 6 inches

Weight: 5 tons

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

Stats Edit

Durability: Supercluster Complex Level

Movement Speed: Sub-Human

Reaction Speed: Sub-Human

Perception Speed: Sub-Human

Striking Force: Sub-Human

Lifting Force: Sub-Human

Destuctive Force: Large Planet Level

Range: Planetary

Weaknesses Edit

-Very fat and slow

-Very cocky

-Very stupid, much like the rest of his gang

Notable Attacks and Techniques Edit

AMERICA!! YEAAAHHH!! -Donut Muncher leaps up a mile into the air and cannonballs back down, causing a massive earthquake that spans across the entire planet.

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Miscallaneous Edit