D3, also known as DDD (Dimension Devouring Dog), is a 6-dimensional dog that has the power to gnaw away at the fabric of reality, allowing it to devour complex multiverses on a very regular basis.

General info Edit

Tier: High Metaverse Level

Age: Unknown, has existed since the beginning of its Metaverse

Classification: 6-Dimensional Dog

Height: Immeasurable

Weight: Unknown

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

Biologically immortal, feeds on complex Multiverses

Stats Edit

Durability: High Metaverse Level

Speed: Immeasurable

Striking Force: Irrelevant

Lifting Force: Irrelevant

Destructive Force: High Metaverse Level

Range: High Metaverse Range

Weaknesses Edit

It must feed on complex multiverses to survive. Going extensive periods of time without consuming one will weaken it.

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