The Chicken Stripper

Chicken Stripper is a member of The Shame Squad. He's one of the major players in the Gang, and for good reason; he has lots of tricks up his sleeve that keep his opponents guessing. His weapon of choice is the Bucket of Chickenitude, a powerful cannon that shoots chicken strips rapid fire.

General info Edit

Tier: Star Level

Age: 15

Classification: Human, Chicken enthusiast, Member of The Shame Squad

Height: 5 feet, 11 inches

Weight: 300 lbs

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

Fire manipulation, Telekinesis, Body Manipulation, Chicken Blaster

Stats Edit

Durability: Star Level

Speed: Massively FTL

Striking Force: Skyscraper Level

Lifting Force: Skyscraper Level

Destuctive Force: Star Level

Range: Planetary

Weaknesses Edit

Anger issues.

Backstory Edit

Even at the tender age of 10, Rodger never truly felt human. He always felt uncomfortable in his own skin. After the last comic con (in which Roger went as a Chicken for the tenth year in a row) Rodger decided to step up his cos play action and finally become a chicken. Three months of intense surgeries and feather transplants didn't accomplish much, so Rodger (now half chicken) decided to take a full time job at a chicken strip restaurant. Enraged at the idea of killing his brothers for a meal caused him to lead a life of attacking anyone who ate chicken in their lifetime with (ironically) a giant bucket of endless chicken strips.

Miscallaneous Edit

He eats chicken.