Carl Seymour Quiggly
Carl Seymour Quigley is a young gaming engineering prodigy who invented a composite gaming console for Nintendo, Sega, Ouya, Atari, Microsoft, and Sony games. He spends most of his time either telling people that he slept with their mothers on CoD, grinding for experience in JRPGs that aren't yet released in his area, or bragging to his twelve subscribers on YouTube about how great he is at life. He eventually managed to create a Multiversal robot suit to allow him to traverse dimensions in order to find a date. He is a humble member of The Bachelor Saints.

General info Edit

Tier: 7-C Physically, 4-C with the Robotype-1, 2-A with the Robotype EX

Age: 16

Classification: Level 54 Dragon Master, Real Go-Getter, Human, Nerd

Height: 6 feet 3 inches without slouch 4 feet 3 inches with slouch

Weight: 80 lbs

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

Stats Edit

Durability: Sub Human | House Level | Low Multiversal

Movement Speed: Below Average Human Level | same | 50x speed of light

Reaction Speed: Same as above

Perception Speed: Below Average Human

Striking Force: Sub Human Level | Town Level | Low Multiversal

Lifting Force: Same as above

Destuctive Force: Same as above

Range: Melee | Melee | Low Multiversal

Key: Physically | R-type 1 | R-type EX

Weaknesses Edit

Has asthma, very awkward socially

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