Bryce Gets Buckets

Bryce "Gets Buckets" Callahan is a guy who sleeps at the gym. He talks very big about himself and his record. He gives a very arrogant impression, even though there's really nothing for him to talk big about. His arms are always stretched out in front of him because he's always getting ready for the game.

General info Edit

Tier: 7-B: Above Average Human Level

Age: Probably 73

Classification: MVP

Height: 7 feet 6 inches

Weight: 156 lbs

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

Slam Dunking

Stats Edit

Durability: Below Average Human

Movement Speed: Above Average Human

Reaction Speed: Below Average Human

Perception Speed: Peak Human

Striking Force: Peak Human

Lifting Force: Peak Human

Destructive Force: Peak Human

Range: Melee, full-basketball court range with a basketball

Weaknesses Edit

Arrogant (very)

Notable Attacks and Techniques Edit

Get Buckets -Bryce summons forth two buckets and strikes the opponent with them.

Dunk On -Bryce performs a slam dunk, only the opponent's head is the ball, and their neck is the hoop.

Backstory Edit

He was born in a gym. Neither of his parents showed up for his birth. He intends to die in the gym.

Author's Comments Edit