Big boy bubba

Big Boy Bubba takes everything about Donut Muncher and amplifies it significantly, only replacing donuts with pizza, cigarettes, beer, and hamburgers. He wields a shotgun, too. He is a member of The Gay Nazi Starlords.

General info Edit

Tier: Multi-Continent Level

Age: 63


Height: 6 feet 12 inches

Weight: 50 megatons

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

Stats Edit

Durability: Multi-continent level

Movement Speed: Sub-Human

Reaction Speed: Sub-Human

Perception Speed: Sub-Human

Striking Force: Multi-Continent Level

Lifting Force: Sub-Human

Destuctive Force: Multi-Continent Level

Range: Several meters with shotgun

Weaknesses Edit

-Terrible aim

-Over-confident in his Americanness

Notable Attacks and Techniques Edit

BANG BANG BANG! PUMP THOSE FOREIGNERS FULL OF PAINFUL AMERICAN STEEL! -Big Boy Bubba whips out his shotgun and fires it at their face. He usually misses.

Backstory Edit

Miscallaneous Edit