Bhrs are cubic bears that are tenfolds stronger than normal bears. They are a very common species on planet Geoma.

General info Edit

Tier: Moon Level

Age: varies

Classification: Bhr

Height: Ten feet, 1 inch

Weight: 25 megatons

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

Claws, Teeth, Very tenacious, Size manipulation

Stats Edit

Durability: Moon Level

Movement Speed: Peak Human

Reaction Speed: Peak Human

Perception Speed: Peak Human

Striking Force: Moon Level

Lifting Force: Moon Level

Destuctive Force: Moon Level

Range: Melee

Weaknesses Edit

-Still has the mindset of a normal bear, very stubborn as well

Notable Attacks and Techniques Edit

HERE COMES YOGI -The Bhr makes a vicious attempt to slice the opponent's neck open.

OUT OF THE WAY LOSERS, OPEN SEASON IS HERE -The Bhr grows to the size of a city and tramples the opponent.

Backstory Edit

Miscallaneous Edit