AUEEAUAHEAEAEGAUHAEAAAAAGHHUHAEGAEHAEAGEGAUEHAUG is a man who uses his phone to take videos of himself doing his best impression of a faulty air horn for the sake of vine loops. He is only capable of fighting on wednesdays. AUEEAUAHEAEAEGAUHAEAAAAAGHHUHAEGAEHAEAGEGAUEHAUG is addicted to drugs and often gets in trouble with the popo.

General info Edit

Tier: House Level

Age: 11

Classification: Human?

Height: 4 feet

Weight: 56 lbs

In Combat: Edit

Abilities Edit

Loud pitched noises

Equipment Edit

iPhone 6S

Stats Edit

Durability: Average Human Level

Speed: Average Human

Striking Force: Average Human Level

Lifting Force: Average Human Level

Destructive Force: House Level

Range: City block range

Weaknesses Edit

He can only move his muscles, let alone fight, on Wednesdays. He is also a drug addict.

Notable Attacks and Techniques Edit

AUEEAUAHEAEAEGAUHAEAAAAAGHHUHAEGAEHAEAGEGAUEHAUG - A spontaneous scream. He has no control over when he uses it, and happens completely random. He can only use this attack if it's wednesday.

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